Arby'S Slider Deal

Arby’s Slider Deal: Savor Savings with Tasty Bites!

Arby’s offers a Slider Deal that features mini sandwiches at a reduced price. These sliders are perfect for a snack or a small meal.

Dive into the world of Arby’s Slider Deal, where flavor meets convenience in a bite-sized package. Known for its hearty sandwiches and curly fries, Arby’s has introduced a lineup of sliders that pack the same bold taste in a smaller format.

These little delights are not just budget-friendly; they are also perfect for those moments when you crave something savory without committing to a full-sized sandwich. Ideal for on-the-go eating, Arby’s sliders cater to a variety of taste preferences, each slider boasting its unique twist on the classic Arby’s offerings. Whether you’re a meat lover or a fan of their delicious cheeses, there’s a slider to satisfy your appetite. Keep an eye on Arby’s menu and frequent deals to grab these mini sandwiches at a steal.

Arby’s Slider Deal: A Brief Introduction

Arby’s Sliders are miniature sandwiches that pack a flavorful punch. Perfect for snacking or as a complement to a full meal, they offer a variety of tastes in a smaller size. Each slider features delicious meats like roast beef, turkey, and chicken, topped with melty cheese on a soft slider bun.

The Slider Deal gained popularity due to its affordability and variety. It allows guests to sample different flavors without a large commitment. The deal is especially attractive because it provides a quick, tasty option for those on the go. These sliders have become a favorite among Arby’s customers, solidifying their place on the menu.

Arby's Slider Deal: Savor Savings with Tasty Bites!

Savor The Flavors: Arby’s Slider Varieties

Arby’s Slider deal offers a variety of mini sandwiches packed with big flavors. Each slider caters to different taste preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Classic Roast Beef Mini is a compact version of Arby’s signature sandwich. It’s perfect for those who love traditional tastes.

Seeking a zestier option? The Spicy Jalapeño Bite brings the heat with fiery peppers. It’s a hot favorite for spice enthusiasts. For a comforting choice, Melty Cheese and Ham combines the savory taste of ham with creamy cheese. It’s a gooey delight in every bite.

Lastly, the Crispy Chicken Delight slider is a must-try. Crispy chicken paired with fresh ingredients makes it irresistible. It’s a crispy, juicy, and satisfying option for poultry lovers.

The Cost Advantage: Pricing Your Slider Feast

Arby’s Slider Deal offers a pocket-friendly option to satisfy hunger pangs. Regular menu items may come with heftier price tags. Contrastingly, sliders provide a cost-effective alternative. Enjoy multiple flavors without overspending. Sliders are perfect for budget-conscious diners. A table of Arby’s Slider Deal prices versus regular menu items illustrates the savings.

More rows can be added as per the menu

Item Slider Price Regular Menu Price
Roast Beef Slider $1.49 $3.29
Chicken Slider $1.49 $3.99
Ham Slider $1.49 $3.29

Sliders are a win for group dining. Each person can pick their favorite. Share a meal without breaking the bank. Sliders make it easy to try different meats. Families and friends can enjoy variety and save money.

Arby's Slider Deal: Savor Savings with Tasty Bites!

Time-limited Offers: Catching The Best Slider Deals

Arby’s often introduces seasonal promotions on their sliders. These special deals are perfect for saving money. Mark your calendars for spring and fall, as these seasons often bring the best discounts on sliders.

Also, limited-time offers can pop up unexpectedly. Stay updated by visiting Arby’s website regularly or signing up for their newsletter. These deals usually last a few days, so acting quickly is crucial to enjoying delicious sliders at a lower price.

Nutritional Information: Balancing Taste And Health

Arby’s offers a variety of sliders, each with a unique calorie count. Customers seeking lighter options can find sliders that align with their dietary preferences. Below is a table showcasing the calorie count for each Arby’s slider, helping you make informed choices.

Slider Type Calories
Buffalo Chicken Slider 290
Chicken ‘n Cheese Slider 310
Ham ‘n Cheese Slider 220
Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider 240
Roast Beef ‘n Cheese Slider 210
Roast Turkey ‘n Cheese Slider 180

Arby’s slider options offer a range of flavors to suit your taste buds while considering your health. Choose wisely to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal that fits within your dietary goals.

Arby's Slider Deal: Savor Savings with Tasty Bites!

Mix And Match: Customizing Your Slider Meal

Customize your Arby’s slider meal for a taste adventure! With a variety of sliders and sides, you can mix and match to create your perfect plate. Choose from classic potato cakes, crispy curly fries, or a side salad to pair with your favorite mini sandwiches.

Build the ultimate slider combo by trying different flavor combinations. Pair a Roast Beef slider with tangy dipping sauce and zesty fries. Or, go for a Buffalo Chicken slider with cool ranch and a crisp apple turnover. Every bite is packed with deliciousness.

Slider Side Flavor Profile
Roast Beef Curly Fries Savory & Salty
Buffalo Chicken Apple Turnover Spicy & Sweet
Ham & Cheese Potato Cakes Classic & Comforting

Arby’s Rewards: Earning Points With Every Slider Purchase

Joining Arby’s Rewards is easy and fast. Visit the Arby’s website or download the app. Fill out the simple form to start. Once registered, every slider you buy earns you points.

To use your points, log into your account. Choose the slider deal you want. Points will automatically apply to your purchase. Enjoy more sliders with your savings!

Customer Reviews: Real Opinions On Arby’s Sliders

Arby’s Sliders have sparked an enthusiastic buzz among fast-food lovers. Many customers rave about the juicy flavors and affordable prices, finding them to be a perfect snack or a light meal. Patrons often mention the Hawaiian roll as a delightful touch. It adds a unique taste that sets Arby’s apart from competitors.

Conversely, some suggest room for improvement. A few people feel the sliders could be more generous in size. Others express a desire for more variety in the slider menu. These critiques are mild and often come with a hope for future enhancements, reflecting a genuine appreciation for Arby’s offerings.

Beyond The Deal: Arby’s Commitment To Quality

Arby’s takes pride in their slider selection, ensuring each bite is bursting with flavor and quality. The journey begins with meticulous ingredient sourcing, selecting only the finest meats and freshest vegetables. This commitment sets the stage for the slider perfection that Arby’s is known for.

Their sliders are more than just a quick snack—they’re a testament to Arby’s dedication to quality. Each mini sandwich is crafted with care, ensuring the perfect balance of meat, cheese, and sauce. Arby’s sliders are a delicious testament to their unwavering standards.

Future Promotions: What To Expect From Arby’s

Arby’s is set to roll out enticing slider deals that will tantalize taste buds. Expect bold flavors and unique combinations as Arby’s crafts innovative sliders to delight their fans. The upcoming lineup promises affordable indulgence in every bite, making sure that value meets variety.

Fans should stay tuned for sneak peeks of these exciting new offerings. Arby’s may release limited-time specials that will provide a perfect quick bite. The brand’s commitment to quality and variety ensures these sliders will be worth the wait. Stay alert for the latest updates and prepare to enjoy delicious deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Sliders At Arby’s?

Arby’s offers a variety of sliders including the Roast Beef, Chicken, Ham, Corned Beef, and Jalapeño Roast Beef. Each features meat and cheese on a slider bun.

What Is In The Arby’s Chicken Slider?

The Arby’s Chicken Slider features a tender chicken tender, topped with melted cheese on a soft slider bun.

What Is The Most Unhealthy Food At Arby’s?

The Half Pound Beef ‘n Cheddar at Arby’s is considered one of the unhealthiest options due to its high calorie, fat, and sodium content.

When Did Arbys Start Selling Sliders?

Arby’s introduced sliders to their menu in August 2015. These small sandwiches quickly became a popular choice for customers seeking a snack or a smaller meal option.


To sum up, Arby’s slider deal is a wallet-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on flavor. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or feeding a crowd, these sliders are a perfect choice. Don’t miss out on this tasty, budget-conscious offer. Head to Arby’s and enjoy a satisfying meal today!


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